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10 September 2010 @ 02:05 pm
Day 3 - Is there any of the film adaptations that have made you angry because they’ve ignored important parts of the book?

Well...try every adaptation of the books so far. They all leave out important plot points (except maybe the first two) but the one that stands out most to me is OotP...I think they included about 1/4 of the entire book in the movie. It was quite annoying because I think it's got one of the best plots of the entire series (though I may be biased since that is my favourite book...)

Of course, HBP has only of the Tom Riddle memories which reveals that he split his soul into 7 peices/7 Horcruxes, but there aren't any other memories to teach Harry about Tom Riddle/Voldemort or to give him any idea of what the other horcruxes might be...so I'm curious to see what people who haven't read the books think of the 7th movies.

What made me most angry about HBP is that they cut out all these important scenes and then added in that stupid burning of the Burrow scene which served no purpose =/


You don't understand you're a legend man to us all
Every son and daughter safe from You Know Who
All because of you

You're Harry freaking Potter
We don't prefer Gandalf
Merlin or Oz
You're a whole lot hotter with that lightning scar
You're a super star to us all
If we're in trouble we know who to caaaaaaall
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08 September 2010 @ 04:59 pm
Day 2 - Your favorite movie

Well this one is easy :) Half Blood Prince for sure.

It wasn't until I taught myself to pretend that the books never happened when I'm watching the movies that I started to get any enjoyment out of the, but the fact still remains that the only one who can act out of the trio is Rupes...Emma "Eyebrows" McGee is a sight to behold and DRad has one facial expression.

However, I actually really really enjoyed half blood prince. I saw it 4 times in the cinemas and watched it again recently on DVD and every time I watched it, I laughed as hard as I did the first time.

Sexyface McFingerlick (Cormack McLaggen) is HILARIOUS, I LOVED Lavender, the acting was so much better on everyone's behalf, the plot wasn't TOO bad, though I have a feeling that if I didn't know anything about the book I wouldn't have been able to follow the story line very clearly.

I always love how the movies look too and this movie looked fantastic (as usual).

I can only hope that Deathly Hallows Part 1 & 2 are just as good...if not better! 

Side Note: (it's potter related!)

I finally got to watch A Very Potter Sequel last night AND OMGSH IT IS SO FUNNY PLEASE YOU GUYS GO AND WATCH IT RIGHT NOW <3

It's worth the time spent watching it, I was laughing so much I had tears in my eyes for most of it - Umbridge is BRILLIANT!

The only bad thing is that due to watching it I've had this song stuck in my head all day. But it's awesome.
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07 September 2010 @ 05:09 pm
oh my!

I hope I can actually keep this one going, but I find all the questions terribly fun, so it should be ok :D

30 Day Harry Potter Challenge: 

Question 1: What is your favourite book? 


Apparently everyone says Deathly Hallows or Half Blood Prince and I'm pretty sure I'll be in the minority here, but I like Order of the Phoenix the best.

I know, I know that Harry is either CAPSLOCKRAGE!Harry or noonehaseverfeltmypainemoangst!Harry and as such is so bloody annoying that I want to scream but I just love it o much!

I love the plot, I love the action, I love Umbridge (she's just so...beautifully evil! I love how JKR has given us such a truly evil and hateful character that ISN'T a Death Eater). I love the awkward romance between Harry and Cho (even if she is a whiney bint). 

It has some of my favourite scenes in the entire series ;

- Dumbledore's infamous and endlessly awesome exit from Hogwarts - "Well, it's just that you seem to be labouring under the delusion that I am going to - what is the phrase? - come quietly." Phineas Nigellus might be a pompuos arse, but he is correct in saying that Dumbledore has style! 

- This scene always cracks me up no matter how many times I read it. McGoogles is full of win!

"I should have made my meaning plainer," said Professor McGonagall, turning at last to look at Umbridge directly in the eyes. "He has achieved high marks in all Defense Against the Dark Arts tests set by a competent teacher."

And I love love LOVE her shouting match with Umbridge after that - POTTER WILL BECOME AUROR IF IT'S THE LAST THING I DO or whatever she says...GOLD.

Of course, it does have the very sad sad sad scene of Sirius' death. I always cry in that scene and not because of the fact that Sirius is dead (though my heart does go out to him...he hasn't had a great life, has he?) but for poor Harry, who just lost the only father figure he really had.

So all in all, OotP is definitely my favourite book of the series :)

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23 August 2010 @ 03:35 pm
Dear Place Where My Dreams Come From,

Please stop giving me dreams where Daniel asks me to marry him, even though, in my dream and in reality, we're not going out and I'm not interested. It's getting a bit alarming now, especially since the dreams always seem to follow the same general outline and I wake up believing it's real. 3 or 4 a week for 3 weeks is too much.

Yours Sincerely

P.S Get a hold of yourself Heart. We're going down that path again!
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18 August 2010 @ 11:34 am
oh my plumbob!

You guys, so much has happened since I last posted and because I'm a lazy so and so I haven't recorded ANY OF IT!

So because I'm forgetful and I like lists, I'll just do this in list form, to make things easier for you all :D

1. My tax return STILL HAS NOT COME IN but it doesn't matter because I've decided not to get my laptop repaired with the money anyway.

2. I'm going to Phuket! Thailand! For free! And I get to bring a friend! Sadly, jessstretch  couldn't come (cow) but I'm now bringing the lovely Shaz with me and we're going to have so much fun! 

Excuse me for a moment while I just gloat about the absolutely beautiful place that I'm going to FOR FREE!!!
oooh pretty...Collapse )

Yes, just excuse while I die of excitment! 

Because I mean seriously you guys...look at those beaches! Look at that WATER!! It's crystal clear and beautitful <3

Also, if there are eels in the water I might have to kill myself because there will no way that I'll be getting anywhere near the ocean in that case AND OH MY PLUMBOB I WANT TO GO SWIMMING IN IT RIGHT NOW!!

Seriously you guys I'm so excited.

I've always wanted to go overseas, but my crippling fear of flying and the fact that I don't have the funds (or a passport...that's trivial) kind of meant that I wasn't able to go...I was so devestated when all the peeps at youth got to go to Egypt and Israel and Dubai and Bangkok etc in 2007 (or was it 2008) and I couldn't afford to go because I was poor. Seriously, being poor sucks. Don't be poor.

<random tangent>

Ok, so this just made me think about how privileged we are in Australia to consider not being able to go on a pointless (yet fun) trip overseas poor when there are people in Africa, the Philippines, South America etc that are dying because they can't afford enough food to feed their families or even have clean water...seriously, what is wrong with the Western World?

</random tangent>

3. Not only do I get to go to Thailand for FREE (seriously, I cannot tell you how cool this is) I'm going to Melbourne twice (yay!) and Queensland, all with free accommodation (THANKS jessstretch !!). I am so excited. Can you tell? 

4. A friend of mine from church got hit by a car on his motorcycle last night (from what I hear, it was the car's fault - it reversed out of the driveway without looking behind him FOR THE GIANT MOTORCYLCE SHEESH!) and was in hospital. He's ok, but for about 6hrs there I thought he was going to die at the young age of 18...however turns out he's fine, just a broken finger and some scratches. Note: When people are saying things like OMGSH DUDE ARE YOU OK I SAW THEM PULL YOU OUT FROM UNDER THE CAR THERE WAS BLOOD EVERYWHERE I'm allowed to think that person is dying ok? OK?!

Seriously people, stop exaggerating, it's not fun! (Ok, don't, because I'm the biggest exaggerator of them all, that would be awful!)

5. I really really want one of these dogs

Guys seriously? How can you look at that and NOT WANT ONE?! Or two? I want two! One called Schnitzel (Colonel von Schnitzel, to be exact) and Pumpernickel (Fraulein Pumpernickel, to be exact).

I also want one of these

LOL OH MY PLUMBOB SO CUTE AND FAT!! He would be called Zeus and he would be MIGHTY RAWR!!!


Also I would like one of these please

but who talks and sings like this guy

<3 Tim Hughes

Also, if he was like...the exact personality replica of this guy (minus the gambling problems and the fact that he has some stupid need to GO OUT WITH GIRLS THAT AREN'T HIS OTL)

(ok, so his picture might be bigger than anyone elses but COME ON IT'S SEELEY BOOTH!)

But Christian, of course. And living in Campbelltown. And my own age. Oh, and he had better like reading.

Single would help too.


7. Ok so I've been reading Mark reads Harry Potter and plumbob it's hilarious <3 Now I want to read Harry Potter again <3

Seriously have got to stop with the obsession of Harry Potter.

Anyhoo, I am at work and should do work like things like...work (NOOOOOOOO) so I shall end this slightly crazed entry with a


and a


and this link to the best place ever, truefax
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30 July 2010 @ 10:32 am
Well...kind of.

I'm so akinimod , the movie buff, could tell you the actual release date but the extent of my research is to go to imdb and look at the release dates there. It doesn't have the Australian release date, but it comes out November 24 2010 in the USA and I don't think it'll be coming out much later here, since it's our school holidays and Christmas!


How CUTE does the poster look? 

I've seen a lot of hate for it on the interwebz but I don't understand why...I think it's nice! Apparently it's because Princess and the Frog flopped (it did?! I loved that movie too! I own it on the DVD :D) so they're trying to go more "Dreamworks"...*shrug* I don't care, I just think it's awesome.

Last night I had my first panic attack in about 2 years. I don't actually know if they're technically panic attacks but I get light headed, I can't breathe properly and I feel...well very panicked.

Last time I got one was when Wayne wanted me to sing in front of everyone and I spazzed out and went into a panic attack (yes, I know it's a stupid reason). 

Since then, I haven't had one, even when I've been in stressful situations, so I assumed I had somehow gotten over them .


Wayne keeps on talking about meeting "cute boys" at the event we're doing tomorrow and every time he mentions it I get a flutter of panic in my chest, but I ignore it and keep moving forward. Then last night he was talking about making an announcement of all the single people that were there and I stared to feel the panic coming on a little more strongly, but it was ok, I was able to ignore it because he was just joking.

Then in the car ride home he said "I'm going to get Adam to make a video promoting you to all the single boys" and the panic flutters got stronger and Wayne was like "LOL look at how panicked she looks." 

And then I went home and ate ice cream before going to bed...and as soon as I got into bed, a full on panic attack hit.

What a stupid thing to have a panic attack about.

And even this morning (I eventually had to turn on all the lights, clutch at my chest like I was having a heart attack and do the whole ""Breathe in for 10 seconds, breathe out for 10 seconds" and it still took about 4min for me to be able to breathe properly) I was still getting the beginning panickly flutters if I even thought about thinking about it.

Honestly, I embarrass myself!

Cherry Pie (my work mate) has bought in more Crunchies and Boost chocolates today...Crunchie is my all time favourite chocolate and I do love Boost just as much! It kind of sucks that they're back...staring at me...begging me to eat them...yummmmmmmm

Ok, that's all I can think of to write, I'm a little all over the place today (the aftermath of a bad panic attack I think) and will maybe sign on later when I'm more collected! 
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29 July 2010 @ 03:03 pm
but free and delicious!!

Why can't I get the free food when I haven't had a decent lunch for a change? Is that really too much to ask?

So today's entry might be slightly more angsty than usual because OMGSH today has SUCKED!

My manager is such a freaking annoying control freak PYSCHO!


But I think I've gotten it out of my system now and am ready to move on.

So the Girl from a couple of posts ago gave me a present this morning as a "sorry" present and a card saying she was going to try harder to change.


While I appreciate the gesture, I think I'll reserve judgment on whether or not she's actually going to try to change or not until some evidence shows up. 

A friend on Facebook is selling her car and I know that D-Man is looking for a car, so I FBook messaged him about it. In the subject line I put "Holden Nova 92 for $2000" and then wrote in the body that a friend is trying to sell her car and was he interested? The goob responded with "what make, brand and year is it?" 

Me: *facepalm*

Why am I surrounded by idiots?!

(but not you guys reading this, you guys are all exceptionally gifted and smart and beautiful and talented. Phew)

I did not exercise last night (excuse used: My washing was drying in my bedroom and I had no space). I instead ate a lot of crunchie ice cream and watched Farmer Wants A Wife which...now that I read that back sounds like I'm recovering from an awful break up and am watching trashy reality TV while stuffing my face full of comfort food to try to numb the pain of heart ache, but that's not it. I was just really bored.

I was still bored as I watched the TV show, but it made me think of Pioneer Woman and Malboro Man and OMGSH Cowboys are so HOT.

Then I Know What You Did Last Summer came on and I remembered how this was the first ever "horror" movie I watched and how terrified I was. After being bored to sleep by the first 30min of the movie, I'm ashamed to say that I was ever scared of that movie.

Also, the info my digital TV had on the movie was very misleading. It claimed that "Guy Who Plays Leonard in Big Bang Theory" "stars" in the movie. So I went through the entire movie thinking that Freddie Prince Jr wasn't Freddie Prince Jr and was trying to place who the hell he was in Big Bang (Spoiler: He's no one).

Turns out that it's Max, the random a**hole who is a meanie to Julie and the REAL Freddie Prince Jr at the beginning of the movie and only shows up for 10 min later in the movie to be killed by the serial killer who is "Guy Who Plays Leonard in Big Bang Theory". I didn't realise that was "starring" in a movie these days? 

Also this leads to my next question...

HOW HOLD IS "Guy Who Plays Leonard in Big Bang Theory"?!

He looks fairly old in IKWYDLS which was made in 1997 - that's over 10 years ago!

My whole life has been rocked by this revelation.

Ok, WIkipedia tells me that is' actually Freddie Prinze Jr, not Freddie Prince Jr, but seriously, it's still a stupid name Freddie, so I'll spell it however I want!

That was him in 1997. I can't believe he used to be the biggest heart throb around then.

Also, seeing Ryan Phillipe made me want to watch Cruel Intentions and seeing Sarah Michelle Gellar made me miss Buffy <3

But old school Buffy. Back when Giles (aka King Uther) was still around.

And that's all I have left to ramble about :D
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28 July 2010 @ 03:13 pm
That makes me feel supremely uncreative!

Well, for my daily exercise update, last night I did pilates for the first time since last year...and all the reasons why I hate them come flooding back this morning when my inner thigh muscles ache, my outer thigh muscles ache and my abs are in pain...so much pain...

I'm definitely going back to Kickboxing Bootcamp tonight.

Also, I feel that devouring a bowl of Crunchie icecream straight after 1hr of pilates is kinda counter productive, but I think I'll live, guilt ridden and all.

I caught the train with the D-Man today, as he apparently has the very hard life of having to get to uni by 9am two days a week. Oh the trials. He appeared at the top of the stairs of my train this morning at Campbelltown station and I thought "Oh great. Successfully avoided Her but am now stuck with D-Man!"

We had a lovely conversation where he gloated about meeting Grizzly Bear at their concert on Sunday night and managed to sneak in a request. If any of you were there, "that guy in front of the Thai Restaruant" they referred to in their show as D-Man. He was nearly dying of excitement when he told me. I was then, as I have a tendancy to do these days, gushing about my Lily Potter nee Evans costume and how excited I was and how awesome jessstretch 's Prof McGonagell's costume was going to look and how much I was looking forward to teasing up akinimod 's hair for her Hermione costume. We then had this very odd and rather awkward exchange;

D-Man: So if you find a cute James Potter will you guys make out?
Me: No?! I'm not going to make out with a total stranger (totally not my thing)
D-Man: What if it's a cute Christian James Potter?
Me: STILL NO! What is wrong with you? 
D-Man: *complete change of subject*

I...still don't know why he asked me that or where he was going with that inquiry.

Girls, if you see me making out with any boy, cute or otherwise, please stop me. My drink has obviously been spiked.

I know I've said this only a million times these past couple of weeks but I really cannot wait until my laptop is fixed. I've been going surprisingly ok without - no withdrawal symptoms or rocking back and forth. I think this is because I've had the laptop at work so I haven't been cut of entirely. 

Part of the reason I'm so excited to get it fixed is because I want to play the Sims 3 already! Argh!

Tonight I have an action packed night planned with eating my fish and potato gems for dinner, finishing up my washing, exercising and maybe watching some more Scrubs while I eat ice cream and write my accountability email to Wayne. Oh yes. I can hardly keep up with myself sometimes too, don't worry if my whirlwind social life makes you feel tired, it does the same to me -_-

So I'm off to read some more Sims 3 Legacies and to do more "work".

I leave you with this very important question: Do you flush the toilet and then do up pants etc or do you do up your pants and then flush the toilet? It's something I've been pondering the last few days.
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27 July 2010 @ 04:14 pm

I've known a girl for 4 years now. She's 3 years younger than me and after a couple of months of getting to know her, she quickly became like a little sister to me.

She was generally very sweet, very shy and had very low self esteem and low confidence. She had been dating a man 5 years her sr since she was 13 years old (who she broke up with not long after I met her) and came from a very messed up family home, with her Dad and brother dealing drugs from the house.

She used to cut herself and spend hours coming up with her "dream suicide and funeral". I would spend hours every night on msn with her, talking to her, convincing her that she was loved, cherished, special and had something to offer the world. I would spend hours on msn with her listening to her problems - big and small - and trying to come up with good, Godly advice for her when I was struggling, at the time, with my own issues in life (like having a mother kick me out at 17 and tell me that I'd ruined her life and wished I was never born, like having a father who had disappeared out of my life at the age of 9 and didn't want me living with him, like living with my poor aunt who was a single, unemployed Mum with 3 kids, one of which is only 4 years older than me and only got a job last year, amongst otherthings.) I was 18 at the time and very very inexperienced.

She would tell me about how her friends treated her like crap and pressured her into going clubbing with them and pressured her into drinking. She told me about how her older brother would hit her all the time. She told me how one time her friend took her into the city and she ended up giving a random guy she'd never met before a blow job because her friend had run off and she was afraid he'd rape her if she didn't do as she asked.

There were many, many more things and they all broke my heart, because no one should have to go through any of those things. I just wanted to adopt her. The amount of times I told Wayne that I wanted her to move in with me so I could take care of her...he always told me no, that he didn't think it was a good idea.

In 2007 she told me that she had been raped by her uncle several times and that he'd forced her into making a pornographic movie of her when she was about 16.

After months of supporting her, of having her stay at my house so she wouldn't be in the house and the uncle couldn't get to her...after months of trying to convince her to go to the police...after months of her crying all the time for no reason and me spending hours sitting in the cold with her, she told me that it was all a lie.

She'd made the entire thing up. She'd never been raped by her uncle or by anyone for that matter and she'd done it for attention and because she always felt so depressed and felt like she needed to come up with a reason for the way she felt.

I remember crying in the car with Wayne & Bec because I was so angry that she was being "raped" and there was nothing we could do about it and it was all a lie? 

It took a while, but I eventually forgave her for the lies. I told her that if she promised never to lie to me again about that kind of thing, I would trust her. She did promised and I did trust her.

Last Sunday, after not turning up for church, after sending me texts through out the day telling me how depressed she felt, how worthless she was, how she didn't deserve to live, how no one cared about her, she told me that something had happened to her but she didn't want to say anything because no one took her seriously. I texted her back saying that she should stop being so stubborn and just tell someone what was wrong.

Apparently this annoyed her, because she decided to prove to herself and to me that no one took her seriously by lying again about being raped. She figured that if she told a lie, I wouldn't believe her, and she could throw it back in my face as proof that no one took her seriously and believed her and feel justified in feeling sorry for herself.

Well, the stupid thing is, because she had promised me that she would never lie about that kind of stuff again, I believed her. I believed her when she said she was going to kill herself too and I went into a panic. I was in tears in my bedroom over the entire thing.

It wasn't until I was talking to Shaz (the person to whom she was accountable in our church) and to Wayne that things weren't adding up. After she found out that Shaz and I had talked about what happened, she freaked out. 

It turns out she was so upset because she had lied about being raped and knew that Shaz would know that straight away.

I've now lost complete trust in her and I doubt I'll ever believe anything she tells me again.

After she told me she'd lied, I told her this. I told her I still loved her and that I forgave her but she was going to have to work damn hard at gaining my trust again (if she ever could). She of course tried to make me feel sorry for her by acting all pathetic about it and apparently emailed Shaz straight after with a sob story, but I don't know what she expected.

But after all this, I was still so upset and angry with her and I couldn't figure out why.

Then I realised.

It isn't the lies.

It's the fact that she's chosen to lie about being raped. Something that has and will and is destroying girls lives. Rape is...so disgusting and wrong and evil. It's not something to be joked about or taken lightly. I know girls who have been raped. Some of those girls who have actually been raped, she told the same lies to, expecting sympathy from them because they'd been in the "same" situation.

It's so disgusting and disrespectful to not only lie to me about being raped but then to turn around and tell a girl who has actually gone THROUGH that experience just for the attention. When she knew that they had been raped and that's why she chose to tell them.

I can't believe anyone can be so self absorbed, so selfish, so...just so disrespectful and childish.

It belittles the experience of girls who have actually been raped.

And not only that. What if the wrong person had over heard the lies and that poor boy who she lied about raping her got into trouble? He could have gone to jail. His reputation would have been shot. All for lies and attention?

I'm so disappointed and heart broken, I really am.
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27 July 2010 @ 11:32 am
The hardest part about doing these things once a day is coming up with names for my posts! 

So today has been entirely uneventful so far. I feel like I've been sitting at my desk for hours and I've not even been at work for 2 hrs yet!

Oh lord, save me. Today is going to be loooooooong.

I'm terribly sad that Master Chef is over - though there is good news in that my favourite game show of all time, Your Gen, is coming back to Sundays. I have nothing to watch on TV while I'm cooking/eating dinner except for whatever drivel Flatmate watches and trust me...it's drivel.

Last night she was watching "Undercover Boss" and it was awful.

She then slammed her way around the house and accused me of using her milk (which is Soy Low Fat High Calcium Extra No Taste crap) which I have not used...and she says "Oh, because I thought you had."

No, dear Flatmate, I have not used your milk, it's not my fault if you used more than you thought you had.

My friends just had their first baby a few weeks ago (July 7) and oh my, their daughter is ADORABLE! She's so tiny and cute and she scowls at everything, I love it. I can't wait to have babies of my own :) 

I forgot why I started to type that, but there was a reason for it. Oh well!

Last night's exercise was a success - I got through 10min more of the work out than I ever have before and felt quite proud of myself...until I fast fowarded through the rest of the DVD to see how much further I had to go and it was soooo much. I nearly passed out from exhaustion just watching it!

However, 30minutes of working out is quite good and I hope to continue this trend for ages. Then I can be fit and healthy and I bloody better well lose lots of weight as well so I can fit into my size 10 jeans again. *glare*

In other  news, Cadbury have released probably the best thing ever invented in the entire world. I am not exaggerating.

Oh my. Just looking at them is getting me excited! I LOVE Crunchies - they are my favourite chocolate bar in the entire world. I can get through the block of Crunchie Chocolate in a night. I would kill for the Crunchie ice cream.

And now they've released these...YUM!!

I just realised I went from talking about exercising and losing weight to gushing about my favourite types of chocolate and how much I eat of it.

Hmm...could possibly be why I'm yet to lose much weight...

oh well! :D

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